All About Us

As pet owners ourselves, we had become increasingly frustrated  at the lack of alternatives to cheap (and not so cheap) plastic and man made pet products and accessories. Not only were the products available probably not very healthy for our animals, they almost certainly weren't healthy for the planet. Additionally we could see that, as they were used, pieces often detached or fell off which would add to the problem with micro-plastics as well as presenting an issue with our pets choking or swallowing the bits of plastic. Of course, no pet toy is indestructible, especially in the paws or mouth of an enthusiastic puppy or dog, but it's much less stressful as an owner when you know that items are made form non-toxic natural materials.

We asked around some pet shop owners that we knew, and also went out into the streets of Barcelona to do some market research. It became apparent to us that there was a supply chain problem. Whilst there were an increasing number of companies manufacturing eco-friendlier products, they weren't easily available to retail outlets. There was either a lack of distribution in Spain or the purchase quantities required were too high for the average independent shop, grooming salon, or pet service provider. To make things more complicated, some of the earliest and best known brands in this niche were based in the UK and got hit by the additional burden of BREXIT red tape, which made exporting to the EU more expensive and complicated.

In an effort to remedy this situation, Petwork Marketing was born! Products were sourced, paperwork was filled in, website and social media set up, and stock began to arrive. Without large corporate support nor investment capital, we bagan slowly in our local market in and around Barcelona and then gradually grew. We now supply most of Spain and even other EU countries such as Belgium and Sweden with our high quality sustainable products and intend to continue our steady growth.

Petwork Marketing Europe is now proud to be the official EU distributor for the famous Green & Wilds brand of eco pet toys and organic snacks, and Spanish distributor for several more brands. What's more, we've made ordering super easy and accessible to retailers of all sizes as well as providing our trade customers with added value in other areas too. We look forward to welcoming you into our family of retailers.

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Your Account

Your Petwork Marketing Europe Account

The first step to becoming a retailer of our fantastic range of products is to apply for a retail trade account. The process is simple and just requires you to fill in a simple form so that we can get to know a bit more about you and your business.

In order to be approved and join us you will need to be registered as a sole trader (autónomo) or have a registered company and to be able to show us that you are involved in the pet sector as a shop, online e-commerce website, or other animal related activity selling pet accessories. Once approved, you can order right away.

Minimum Order Quantities

We work with a large number of independent retailers and we understand the difficulties of running a small business. At Petwork Marketing Europe we want to make it as easy as possible for all retailers to be able to stock our products and be part of this growing market. With this in mind, we don't have any minimum order quantities!

Margins may be slightly lower when ordering smaller quantities due to the increased delivery costs relative to the number of items, but this allows retail outlets the opportunity to introduce premium, eco-friendly products into their range and grow sales in an organic way, without significant risk. Once sales increase, you can take advantage of lower or even free delivery, and/or bulk discounts.

Marketing Support

It's a simple equation:

You Sell More = We Sell More

So it makes sense that we should help you do exactly that!

All our members get a free entry into our Retail Outlet directory so that customers who have seen our products know where to buy them from their local stockist.

We also provide our retailers with promotional material such as posters, graphics/photos for use on the web or social media, as well as creative ideas to help them market and sell products. Being a member of Petwork Marketing is being part of a team - we're stronger together.

Quantity Discounts

Whilst we make it easier for our smaller partners to order in lower quantities, we recognise that those who commit to larger orders should be eligible for a bulk discount. Our structure is very simple:

Orders of 1000€ or greater - 5% discount on the total order.

Orders of 2500€ or greater - 10% discount on the total order.

Discounts will be applied at checkout when making an order.

Simple Ordering

Ordering with Petwork Marketing Europe is simple. We don't use sales representatives (although we realise that, particularly in Spain, this is the normal system operated by wholesalers) because this just adds an additional cost that impacts your margins and ours. With the modern technology that we all have easy access to, it's much more efficient to either order online from the website or place your order using WhatsApp or over the phone. The B2B webshop is by far the easiest option, as the entire process of ordering, payment, and delivery is automated. Still, some people are more comfortable using WhatsApp or a phone call, and we're cool with that too - our friendly team is always ready to take your order and discuss any questions that you might have.

You can also choose your payment method: by credit/debit card, other payment gateways available through our payment provider, or bank transfer.

Please note that you need to apply for an account on the website and be approved before we can take orders by WhatsApp or phone.

Meet the Petwork Marketing Management Team

Maria Paredes - COO

Maria Paredes

Head of Everything Actually Important & Chief of Operations

Maria is in charge of our day-to-day operations, including stock control, order processing, customer service, running the office, and generally making sure everyone else is doing what they should be! If she doesn't reply to you immediately it's only because she's usually very busy....

Adam Smith - CEO

Adam Smith

Head of Strategically Looking Important & Chief Geek

Adam will looks after the website, e-commerce and tech side of things whilst taking a strategic view and steering Petwork Marketing forward. He's still getting used to being out of the small, dark basement where Rob kept him in the early days of the business.

Camila Berlin - Head of Marketing

Camila Berlin

Head in the Clouds & Chief Attention Getter

Camila is our freelance marketing fairy who looks after social media, email marketing, and generally helps out with admin in the office when she can. Having spent a lot of time with Rob in the office, she is also helping with continuity and processes as we develop.

Brie - Head of Product Testing


Head of Zzzzzz's and Chief Product Tester

Brie knows more about dog toys, treats, and food than any of us. He adores his job and can always be found testing new food or sweets, running quality control checks on existing food and treats and repeating this all day, every day. Brie never gets bored and loves his job!

Rob James - Founder

Rob James


Rob James was the energetic and passionate founder of Petwork Marketing Europe. Originally from a marketing and advertising agency background he worked for many years on different projects with Adam, his best friend for almost 30 years. With his love of dogs and increasing awareness of the need for a sustainable future, Rob identified a market niche that had great business potential and not much activity in Spain - Petwork Marketing was born! Rob worked tirelessly to build the brand, looking for products and customers, whilst Adam took care of the website and e-commerce side of the business.

Sadly, Rob's journey was cut short. After a short, but courageous, battle with lung cancer, he passed away in January 2024 and is sadly missed by the team and his friends and family.

In Rob's own, inimitable words: "He is a natural leader, although it has been said that people only follow him out of blind curiosity. A visionary: he is responsible for introducing the Catalan people to the subtleties of the Tea Chest Bass and has become quite a celebrity in the Barcelona music scene. In fact, it is not too much of a stretch to claim that, not only is the best, but also the most famous tea chest player in the whole of Spain!"

In remembrance of Rob, Petwork Marketing will donate 10% of our annual profits to cancer research and animal charities.