Binky the cat who likes using huskaloo natural cat litter

‘Huskaloo is less messy’

When 10-year-old Essex Tabby cat Binky ‘did her business’ using Huskaloo, there were surprise benefits for her owner’s music industry business.

binky who loves huskaloo coconut cat litter

Christina Neal, (pictured), who’s the manager of top UK tribute band The Orbison Project, lives with her partner, Dave, a soundalike Roy Orbison singer, in Colchester.

Their basement office lies directly below the dining room where Binky’s litter tray is kept. “Normally it’s quite disruptive when Binky’s using the cat litter,” said Christina.

“We’ve used a clay brand in the past and the scraping sound is pretty loud, It’s off-putting. But with Huskaloo, it doesn’t make any noise – good news for my business!”

Christina also liked the lack of mess. “With clay litter, some tiny stones or bits of clay can get caught in Binky’s paws when she steps out of the tray. These then spread round the house.

“If you’re walking around, barefoot or in socks, it’s uncomfortable treading on those bits. Huskaloo litter is less messy and doesn’t get spread around.”