Here at Petwork Marketing, we believe in helping our members to grow their businesses and sell more. Independent and smaller retailers don't have marketing departments or the budget to employ an agency but we can help to fill the gap!

Our business principles have many years experience working in advertising, marketing, ecommerce and website development and have worked hard to come up with some effective tools to help our retailers and provide them with some high quality resources for FREE or at cost prices if physical materials are involved.

Not only this, but we've made the process of accessing and using the tools easy. This saves you time and allows you to concentrate on running your business.

Marketing Tools


Our Retail Outlet directory helps your local customers to find you easily. We have many visitors to our website who are looking to buy the products. They search for specific brands or "eco pet products" and often end up here. With your FREE entry into our directory, we can help to push more customers in your direction!

Here's a taste of what else we have in our toolbox...

Customer Lottery

Customer Lottery

Our Customer Lottery promotion is a great way to increase sales and customer engagement. It also provides a great opportunity to get fresh social media content for your feeds.

We provide you with all of the tools to get it up and running.

Social Media Competition

If you are on social media and want to create a bit of a buzz, this competition idea is for you!

You can modify the structure and details to fit your business, but we'll help by explaining the basics and providing some resources to get you started.

Social Media Competition
Product Images

Product Image Library

Do you need product images for your shop or website?

We've put together some easy to download packs of everything we sell to speed up the process.

Promotional Material

Make your products visible to customers!

We provide you with physical or downloadable material to help you to display our products and increase their visibility. Good point of sale (POS) can really make an impact and improve sales.

Promotional Material