tv commercial production for our member princeps de casa

More than a Distributor of eco-friendly products

Why Petwork Marketing? We think it is simple, it is because we work with pet shops and we are very, very good at marketing. We want to help members of Petwork Marketing with their sales and marketing and that’s why we have members, we don’t have clients. We work together, we offer more than just a product for them to resell.

Yes, of course we sell products, but only eco-friendly products and only those that are of the best quality which means you can trust us when we introduce a new product. We want an easy life where your customers are delighted with their purchases, that’s why we only sell products of the highest quality.

But doesn’t that just make us a distributor? Well, in essence yes, but in reality no. We reinvest some of the profits made on the sale of our products to create marketing support material for our members. We always use members branding and logo on marketing material we supply to support our products because their branding is more important than ours.

Basically, when you become a member of Petwork Marketing and are stocking our products, you get the services of an advertising agency thrown in! For example, Petwork Marketing member, Mireia Sabate of Princeps de Casa in Barcelona contacted us because she wanted to run an advertising campaign on the giant screens within the post office. Many people pass through the post office each day and she felt it was a good way to promote her shop to more people in her neighbourhood. The only problem is that she had no idea how to create a 10 second broadcast quality television commercial, but we did!

We took the brief, spoke to the production company to find out exactly what they wanted and we set to work. We supplied a 10 second commercial that went live in the Post Office on 1st July 2022. We made a suggestion on how she could capitalise on this by engaging more interaction on social media.

Here’s a copy of her commercial playing in the post office.

If you become a member of Petwork Marketing, your business will benefit too. Contact us today to talk about eco-friendly products for cats and dogs, how you can introduce them to your product range and what we will do to help increase your sales and customer loyalty.

Petwork Marketing – together we are stronger, let’s break the chains!