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Christmas gift pack

These fun eco-friendly dog toys are a ideal stocking-filler for your customers to give to their dogs this Christmas. Made from sustainable products, they have no toxins, are fully decompostable and, above all, great fun. Holly & Ivy is a durable pull and fetch toy, Monsieur Bauble a fun chuck ball, Bruce the Spruce is ideal for smaller dogs and Ruddy, the Reindeer, well he’s just adorable.

The offer pack comprises four of each product, delivery is free on orders over 50€ and normally takes just two working days.

We also include a Christmas promotional poster with each order with your branding on it.

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Range Pack

If you want to buy the entire range of Green & Wilds products, this is what you need. A well stocked shop instills confidence in your customers. If they see you have confidence in the product range, they will buy. We have tried this out with some of our retailers and those that maintain minimum of four products on their shelves are selling more. It looks impressive and gives you are real edge over the chainstores.

Free delivery on all packs, minimum 1 item of each although at checkout you can specify more of any of the products.

If you are yet to try Green & Wilds, you should. It is a really high quality product range.

juguetes ecologicos perros mascotas

The Perfect Ten

This pack came about because one of our members wanted these products. We put the pack together for them to make life easier when ordering! This shop has ordered a few times now and gradually adding more products to her range too. This is a great way to get started stocking Green & WIlds products. It’s one click to order the pack and, with all our multi-packs, you can add more products at the check out.

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The Mini Pack

This pack comprising 10 products has been put together with smaller dogs in mind. Terry the Turnip, Francois the Frog, Mick the Mouse, Ronnie the Rhino, Lenny the leak, Carlos the Crab, Barry the Banana and Clarice the Carrot are perfect for our smaller and medium sized furry friends. If your business is more grooming and most of your customers are on the small side, then this is ideal for you. We put a Donut in there and that means you have something to offer the big boys too!

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The Main Team

There are 11 players in this team and they all have role to fulfill!.
Olive plays up front, a great attacker with her 8 legs she’s tricky to tackle, Ronnie the Rhino charging down the wings supported by Barry the Banana who can curl a ball around any defence.

Carlos the Crab is a great sideways midfield player, Mike the Mouse gets into all the small holes.  Francois the Frog is great in the air because he can jump!  Rudy helps out in defence, it’s hard to get past him and, of course they are backed up by Stanley in goal – not much gets past his 5 arms!  Derrick is great finding the holes and chuck’s speciality is taking the throw ins!

Candice was a last minute transfer day target and she is delighted to be going straight in to the team. She will get stuck in anywhere, a versatile root one player!

juguetes ecologicos perros barcelona

The Magnificent Seven

Although Olive has not got much hair, it is a bit of a stretch to liken her to Yul Brynna from the film Magificent Seven. But these seven products are really good sellers. The Crinkler (pictured above Stanley the Starfish) has a plastic bottle inside and makes a crunching noise when your dog plays and chews it.

Olive, too, has a bottle inside, but this can be removed because she has a velcro bottom! Chuck ball, funny bone, Lenny the Leek, Francois the Frog and Stanley the Starfish all are durable and can provide many hours of fun for your dog.

One click and the product is in your cart ready to check out. Delivery will be within two working days and you can amend the quantity of products at the check out stage.

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The Fantastic Five

Five of the best! This is a pack of 25 products. Five of each of the following: Desmond Duck, Barry the Banana, Terry the Turnip, Green Bone and Chuck Ball.

Offering great value for money, this multipack will be despatched within 2 days and available in your shop for your customers to buy. Durable and long-lasting, these quality eco-friendly toys for dogs are great fun.

All inks are plant based, the products are made from Jute with a suede cover, they are all from sustainable sources.

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2 of 6 Multi-Pack

Here is a multi pack of 6 of our fast moving products. It offers exceptional value for money and gives you the opportunity to offer your customers a really high quality product.

This multi pack is ideal for those shops who maybe want to try a smaller purchase before committing to the entire range. It gives a samle of the quality and allows you to guage the popularity of the range before you commit to larger orders.

As with all of our product packs, you can add more products to the order and choose different types of eco friendly dog toys.