The Ecologically Friendly Products We Distribute In Spain & Europe

We will only stock high quality brands and work hard to find products that are interesting, fun, and with strong eco-friendly and sustainable credentials, as well as being popular with consumers. We distribute to a network of independent retailers throughout Spain and the EU/EEA. If you are interested in joining us and become a member of Petwork Marketing, click here to see the benefits of membership and how to sign up.

Here are the brands that we are proud to stock.


"Saving the planet one cat at a time"

This award winning product is just fantastic! Huskaloo is 100% sustainable - coconut husk is a by-product of the coconut industry that might otherwise be thrown away. It's also 90% lighter and smaller than clay based alternatives and therefore requires less energy to transport and store.

An 8-brick box of Huskaloo is the size of a family cereal box and contains enough cat litter to last one average cat 2 months. The box and the brick sleeves are 100% recyclable and contain all the info you need to use Huskaloo and to help your cat change from your old cat litter.

The coconut husk bricks are both dehydrated and compressed for maximum lightness and smallness. They are sealed in waterproof, recyclable sleeves. They have to be – coconut husk is incredibly absorbent!

Add 8 fl oz of warm water to a brick and it will start to expand. Break it up into a soft, natural bed of Huskaloo. The entire process will take around a minute, so little time to help your cat save the planet. It’s oddly satisfying and even fun.

Award Wining Huskaloo Coconut Husk Cat Litter
Award Wining Huskaloo Coconut Husk Cat Litter
Award Wining Huskaloo Coconut Husk Cat Litter
Award Wining Huskaloo Coconut Husk Cat Litter


"We're special!"

Why we're different.....

We are all about natural, healthy products you can trust, with good, wholesome ingredients. Our reputation is built on these values. We don't use fillers, bulkers, or cheap ingredients just to make our treats look good. We only use the good stuff, so we don't have to pretend our stuff is good, because it really is good..... Yay!

Green & Wilds products are truly imaginative, fun and wholesome. Animals and their owners love these products and we are very proud to be the exclusive EU distributor for their eco pet toys and healthy snacks.

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"Award winning palm oil free goat milk soaps and skincare handmade in Hampshire"

Cyril's Soap Shed is a small Hampshire soap company making natural goat milk soap using the raw milk from their own small herd of happy goats. The goats live on a New Forest smallholding, in Hampshire and close to the Wiltshire border.

All of the goat milk soaps are made with natural oils and butters using the ancient and traditional cold process method. They use pure essential oils, herbs and root powders for fragrance, colour and texture. The goat milk soaps are luxuriously creamy and packed full of vitamins and minerals your dogs skin and coat will love! All of Cyril's soaps are palm oil free.

For hundreds of years it has been believed that goats milk has exceptional moisturising and healing properties. It is a similar pH level to animal skin, and is naturally high in vitamins, minerals and alpha hydroxy acids, that nourish and rejuvenate. Goat milk soap works particularly well for dogs (& humans!) who sufferer from sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin problems. The soaps are also excellent on normal skin/coat, and can help prevent any future problems.


"Plastic Free"

Due to the production of disposable plastic products and packaging, plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues of our lifetime. This is why Goodchap’s is on a mission to help our customers use as little plastic as possible.

They have gone plastic free with all of their products and packaging. Goodchaps's dog treats and chews come in compostable and recyclable cornstarch pouches. All of their toys are hand made from plastic free materials, and their gifts, for both human and hound, are all packed in plastic free ways that use plants not plastic!

Goodchap’s started in 2018 and are family run, eco-friendly dog company based in Somerset. They create natural, healthy, eco friendly and plastic free treats, toys and gifts for humans and hounds!

Award Wining Huskaloo Coconut Husk Cat Litter