Prices & Payment Systems

The conditions of prices and promotions that appear in the online shop/website will correspond to the conditions offered through any other order systems made available by Petwork Marketing Europe.

Regarding the payment system, you can choose to pay by debit/credit card or other payment systems supported by our payment gateway (Stripe) and pay online or by bank transfer. If the option to pay by bank transfer is selected we will supply bank details as part of the ordering process. Payment must be made prior to product shipment unless a credit facility has been agreed in writing. Cards are not charged until the products are shipped.

In the event of finding an error in the price or discount of an item, it can be reviewed and modified by Petwork Marketing Europe - please contact us for rectification.

In the event that a client has an agreed condition or discount (A) with Petwork Marketing Europe for an article and at the same time there is a temporary offer for the same product on the website (B), overall discount shall not be cumulative. In the case of buying directly from the website and not being given the most favourable of A and B please contact us and in all cases the commercial department will review the order and ensure that the option that is MOST FAVOURABLE TO THE CLIENT is applied.

The prices of the products as well as the suggested retail prices that appear on the website correspond to the price without the VAT(IVA) added.

According to the current legislation in defence of free and fair competition (Trade Act 7/1996 Art.13), "The sale prices of goods and services are freely set by each entrepreneur or professional", and cannot be determined by any other agent in the supply chain. Any suggested retail prices (SRP) are for guidance only.

Credit Facilities

As a trusted and reliable member of Petwork Marketing we may be able to extend a 30 Day Credit Facility to your business. In order to qualify for a 30 Day account you will need to fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Account held for a minimum of 6 months.
  2. Order history of at least 2,500€ in the previous 6 month period.
  3. No history of late or cancelled payments for products received.
  4. The ability to provide a certificate of good standing from a recognised bank (or equivalent document).
  5. Any other condition that Petwork Marketing Europe may ask for in order to satisfy current or individual risk assessment criteria.

In all cases the decision on whether to extend credit facilities is entirely at the discretion of Petwork Marketing Europe and it may be withdrawn at any time, without the need to provide an explanation.

A contract between the two parties, which regulates the credit facility, will need to be agreed and signed.

After being granted a credit facility you will be informed of your credit limit. Any new orders that do not conform to previous ordering patterns and/or value may not be processed using your credit facility, at the decision and discretion of Petwork Marketing Europe.

You can apply for a 30 Day Account from within the client area on this website.