The conditions of prices and promotions that appear in the online shop will correspond to the conditions offered through the other order systems.

Regarding the payment system, you can choose a credit card and pay online or by bank transfer to ES95 2100 0828 6502 0121 3762. Cards are not charged until the products are shipped.

In the event of an error in the price or discount of an item, it can be reviewed and modified by Petwork Marketing SL

In the event that a client has an agreed condition with Petwork Marketing SL for an article and at the same time there is a temporary offer for said product that does not add to said condition, the condition agreed between Petwork Marketing SL and the client will appear on the website. All these cases will be reviewed by the commercial department and the option that is MOST FAVOURABLE TO THE CLIENT will be applied.

The prices of the products as well as the recommended retail prices that appear on the website correspond to the price without the VAT added.

According to the current legislation in defence of free and fair competition (Trade Act 7/1996 Art.13), "The sale prices of goods and services are freely set by each entrepreneur or professional", and cannot be determined by any other agent in the supply chain.