Quality Policy

Petwork Marketing SL, distributor of pet accessory products dedicated solely and exclusively to professionals in the pet store sector.

We have a wide range of products for animals:

With a good service/price relationship, we always work with, what we believe to be the best brands in the independent pet shop  sector.

The management of Petwork Marketing SL approaches Quality System as a way of organising the operation of the company based on some basic pillars. These include, but are not limited to:  quality of  our services, customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement and development of our system's and efficiency.

The Quality Management System of Petwork Marketing SL is based on a simple mission: to offer quality products to independent pet shops.. This is possible thanks to the management of a reliable, integrated, agile, efficient and quality service. Our aim is to be a reference point as a distribution service company, maintaining proximity and generating confidence with customers and suppliers.

-Values: transparency, adaptability, consistancy in work and to remain close to our clients. To maintain a high level of health and safety in the workplace, complying with applicable legislation and other requirements in this area and based on a commitment to preventing damage and deterioration of health.

-The achievement, maintenance and improvement of the level of quality desired by the company can only be achieved with the commitment and participation of all staff and the use of their creative potential and skills.

-This involvement must be achieved by understanding the effect that individual contributions, information, communication and the action of leaders in all areas and levels of the organisation have on the quality of the service offered.

-Quality is achieved by planning, executing, reviewing and improving the Management System to prevent possible errors.

-Both the Management and the staff of Petwork Marketing SL are committed to complying with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to them.

-Commitment to the satisfaction of all clients through the commitment of the entire organisation to meet their needs and requirements, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements and the products themselves.

-Only by continuously improving processes, methods, services, etc., can we guarantee greater internal efficiency, a better response to customer expectations and, therefore, an improvement in their satisfaction.

-Petwork Marketing SL staff, regardless of their roles and responsibilities, must analyse the data at their disposal regarding the activities they carry out in search of opportunities for improvement.

-For this reason, continuous improvement must be a permanent objective for everyone and refer to all activities developed in Petwork Marketing SL.

-Our commitment to quality leads us to pay maximum attention to technological evolution and the possible improvements that new technologies make available to us.

-The participation and collaboration of everyone is required, therefore, this policy is disseminated to all the company's personnel for their knowledge and understanding. For the effective application of these principles, the support of both the management team and the staff is absolutely necessary.