Ruby and her owner Kevin huskaloo coconut cat litter

Ruby liked the softness of Huskaloo, more comfortable. It’s a win-win-win’

More and more cats in the UK are getting comfortable with Huskaloo. The product is now available in Spain and it won’t be too long before we are seeing stories like this one, below, featuring Spanish cats!

Cats are giving Huskaloo a big ‘paws-up’. Cats like mixed short tabby Ruby, aged 5, who lives with her owner Kevin Cover in east London (pictured).

“When Ruby used it, she really liked the softness of it,” said Kevin, an education support worker from Hackney. Using the gravel litter, always at the back of mind is the thought that it’s going off to different landfills, to be disposed of there and that it’ll stay there for so many years.
“Whereas this is biodegradable. I put it at the back of my garden. We like that it’s recyclable, sustainable, more environmentally friendly.”

Ruby seemed “more comfortable” with Huskaloo than she’d been with her previous clay litter, said Kevin. “Ruby took her time more, took a little longer on the coconut litter as if she was more comfortable with it. With the clay, she was quickly in and out.

“I think Huskaloo is a win-win-win. It’s good for the environment, the smell was very limited compared with the gravel litter and Ruby seemed to be more comfortable on it, too.”

You can find your local stockist of Huskaloo using our shop finder here.