Smorg, from the Green Planet, loves playing with dogs that care for the environment.

It’s incredible how Smorg, from the Green Planet has become one of the most popular dog toys in all of Spain. Here is the story of Maya, a dog that is three years old and loves playing with toys, but above all, chewing. Her owner, Susan said: Since we first bought an eco-friendly Green & Wilds toy from our favourite Pet Shop, Pet Shop Girls, in Gracia, Barcelona, Maya has not stopped playing with Smorg. She has spent hours and hours playing with Smorg and the durability of the product is amazing. We have a lot of confidence in the product.”

The eco-friendly toys from Green & Wilds are made with jute and covered with suede, they are free of chemical compounds, are coloured with natural vegetable dyes, and above all are environmentally friendly and take care of your pet’s health.

Join in with the eco-friendly revolution and let your dog play with products that are not harmful to the environment or them.

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