Green & Wilds eco friendly dog and cat toys

Such a small increase, it is hardly worth announcing

The bad news…

Even though it is such a tiny increase, and we have been forced into it after two years with no increases, we feel it is our duty to let you know that we have had to increase the cost of some Green & Wilds toys by a whopping 0,17€.

And now the good news…

We holding the price rise until April 1st so you have until March 31st to place orders at the 2022 rates. These fantastically popular eco-friendly dog and cat toys still fly off the shelves and and your customers and their pets will still love them.

huskaloo eco-friendly cat litter Spain

As for Huskaloo, the multi-award winning eco-cat litter, there is no price increase. Being so light, at just 1.7Kg for a two month supply, it really hasn’t been affected by increased transport costs and we have been able to absorb the marginal increases we have seen. The same goes for Cyril’s Soap Shed 100% natural soaps that are made, by hand, using goats’ milk. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should -We are still running the promotion to send a bar to you free if you can pronounce it correctly!

Cyril's Soap Shed natural goats milk dog soap.