ajudar tiendas mascotas nunca ser competitivos


Even without competition from Supermarkets, Chains, Franchises, Amazon and now, wholesalers too, business can be hard enough, you don’t need more obstacles in your way.

Here’s our pledge:

We will never sell our products direct to the public either online, or off.

We will continue to build our presence on social media promoting, not just our products but also your businesses. As retailers, it is your job to talk to consumers, not ours. If you check out our instagram feed, you will see the main link in our profile takes visitors to our points of sale page.

It is things like this that makes us more than just a distributor. We view those independent shops in Spain that stock our range as members, members of a large group of like-minded business-people who truly believe that the heart of a community is its independent shops.

The advice and customer care is always going to be far better in an indepdenent shopn. Plus, customers can touch, feel, and walk away with the product in their hands right away or in many cases have a same-day home delivery.

Pet shops are your businesses and you, unlike Amazon, pay all your taxes, without any special treatment and contribute to the communities we live in. We believe that now is the time to fight back and that’s why Petwork Marketing is your champion.

We want to help you grow your business. We want to show you how to market properly. We want to provide you with the sort of marketing materials that the chains and franchises take for granted, but how do we do that?

Simply, we use some of the profits we make selling the high quality eco-friendly toys and reinvest them in marketing materials that you can use. You will be able to chose from a wide-range of marketing materials once we have our library open.

It might be that you want a poster campaign, we have the design and print covered. You might need your website upgraded, include your on-line shop for local sales and home delivery, we have that covered too. You might just need business cards. Again, we have that covered.

Everyone of our members will have access to marketing support materials that the chains and franchises take for granted.

Our members don’t really compete against the other, their businesses are local, run by local people. We are creating a family so, let’s take the fight to the chains and let’s win this war. We can keep our communities alive if we work together.

Click here to join the ever growing number of Petwork Marketing members and let’s break the chains!